The scope of work and price to be confirmed and approved along with a plan for addressing possible contingency costs
• Upon providing scope of work we’ll create an initial event-specific timeline, of roles and responsibilities (see below for ideal timeline). Please review and approve or amend and return when approving scope of work proposal
• Payment Terms - We will send an invoice once the booth is approved and becomes live. 
• Since G&R doesn't speak with the client directly, we need to rely on you to get all the info and assets we need to do our part. It's important we have as much info as possible upfront, otherwise we end up spending a lot of extra time on redesigns and edits which will add to the cost of your booth.


• In many cases we'll need the same info and graphics that you require to design and build out the virtual event space, - whoever is responsible for managing that for you should have most of the info, specs and graphics we need in the formats that we need
• To help you gather all the needed info from the client please refer to the info at this link to our virtual booth custom graphic guide
• If there are design guidelines for the event and/or brand guidelines, design and/or inspirations boards, themes colors, etc. please share all of that info
• What is the purpose of the virtual booth; fun, branding, team building, etc?
• What text, taglines branding, messaging, copy are important to include throughout the site?
• How will guests arrive at and leave the virtual booth, what links and email addresses will we need to route guests or provide information?
• FYI, As a white label, we'll link to your company's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you want to use the client's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then you'll need to specify and provide details
• We will be using your company email for the email address. If client purchases custom email layout then we'll need the name, from email address and other info, images and links to create the layout

RESPONSIBILITIES & TIMELINE - As much as possible:

We prefer to have the site 100% completed and ready to go at least three days (or more) before the event goes live including any integration and other testing so that all the kinks are addressed in advance. Here is our approximate minimum-preferred timeline:

• Events should be confirmed 4+ weeks in advance
• Info and assets provided by your company and reviewed with G&R - 3+ weeks before event
• G&R to have virtual booth elements delivered for review - 2+ weeks before event
• Your company to have the site reviewed and all change requests compiled and presented in one request - 1-1/2+ weeks before event
• G&R to have the site design complete and ready for integration and final testing - at least 1+ week before the event
• Your company to have the site integration and testing complete and any final changes requested - 5+ days before event
• G&R to make any final changes and publish the event - 3 days before event

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